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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello friends!  We have been very busy around here which is the reason I have been missing from my blog for the last few days. For the most part it has been  fun busy.

We had a wedding last weekend and our son stayed with us for the weekend too. We were invited over for dinner on Sunday and just had friends over for dinner last night. Doing lots of  yard work and trying to keep up with the house work and getting ready for our much anticipated camping trip.
It is a dreary day out so far today and I just don't feel like doing much of anything so I decided to relax a bit and post my photo for Our Beautiful World which I have been meaning to do since Sunday.

The prompt for this week over at Our Beautiful World is
You are to find a photo that represents waiting to you and share the story behind the photo. It has really been fun playing along at Our Beautiful World and everyone is so friendly over there.

I went to water one of my hanging plants earlier this summer and to my surprise this is what I found in it:
 A little Oregon Junco made it's nest in the hanging plant. If you click on the photo you might be able to see  that she lined the nest with the white hair from our dog. Nothing goes wasted in nature. There were three small eggs in the nest. The first egg she laid is actually under the dog hair.
 Every time I would walk by the planter I would check on the eggs. Most of the time mom  Junco would be sitting on them. Finally I found one teeny tiny chick with just fuzz on it's head and then it was joined by another one. I thought the third egg didn't hatch but when they were older I finally saw the third one. It was a very  full nest.
A you can see from this photo the nest is now empty and I now longer have to wait until mom has left the nest to find food for her brood before I  can water the plant. I had to be careful when watering so I didn't get the eggs wet or drown the babies after they hatched. I always waited until the plants were droopy before watering because I hated to disturb the family. We enjoyed watching the little ones grow and mom and dad flying to and from the nest bringing insects for the hungry babies.
I do miss them but I occasionally see the three babies in my garden looking for food and mom and dad Junco are still nearby and cause a ruckus if I get too close to their babies.

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  1. Oh my ... this has made my day ... what fabulous photos! How wonderful that you could witness this amazing event ... (I'm jealous!) I almost cried when I saw the empty nest ... Thanks so very much for sharing this with us at Our Beautiful World ... Perfect!

  2. Teresa this fits the challenge to a Tee, what an amazing discovery and journey. Love that you were able to photograph this moments and then share them with us atour beautiful world!

  3. ....I love happy endings....or in this case, a new begging for the wee birds :)

  4. OOOOPS!! That was suppose be "beginning" NOT begging!!!! Sheesh!

  5. I know nothing about birds and you had me go search for "Oregon Junco", what a precious and rare moment you had been waiting for! Beautiful shots and story you shared, I wish the Junco family well and so glad that you linked up here at Our Beautiful World this week.

  6. This is the cutest post, ever!:). The life cycle indeed, I do hope the wee birds are healthy & visits your garden every now and then. It's amazing that nothing is ever useless or wasted in nature :). Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us at Our Beautiful World!.

  7. Oh Teresa, what a fabulous post! I love love birds and this so made me smile! Love that they used your dog's hair :) Nature is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and photos with us at OBW. Hugs, Wendy

  8. How sweet these pictures are, I love finding baby eggs in our trees too. So happy they all did great and are off flying around enjoying the yard. Thanks so much for taking these pictures and sharing them with us. SO CUTE!!


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