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Friday, July 12, 2013

Hurricane Ridge

We have been having a terrific summer so far here in the Pacific Northwest. On Wednesday we decided to head to the mountains and enjoy the wonderful weather and views from the mountain. It is only about an hour and a half drive from our house to the top of the mountain.
After hiking and enjoying a picnic lunch there we drove back down and stopped at our friends that live in the small town. We only see them about once a year. We enjoyed chatting and  catching up with each other and shared a delicious meal together before heading back home.
We both were tired but it was a good tired. All that fresh mountain air and exercise does a body good.
 The purple flowers are Lupine.
 I love how you can see the layers of mountains.
 It was so enjoyable just to sit and watch the wildflowers and grass blow in the gentle breeze and feel the warm sun.

 As you can see by my shoe choice I wasn't prepared for snow on the trail. But it was only in a few areas so it was OK.
 They have a ski lift but I think it is just cross country skiing and I think you can also sled here.
 These Avalanche Lilies were all over.
 These delicate flowers were so pretty but I don't know their name.

 From this vantage point you can see our neighbors in Canada from here.

 Here we are at Sunset Point
 Hurricane Hill and Trail our in the background.
 This is the Visitor Center from the trail and heading back to it.
 It was pretty busy as you can see from the cars. In another month it will be packed with cars and tourists.
 I watched this little guy while we sat down at a picnic table to eat our lunch.
We saw so many deer during our visit. On the way up to Hurricane Ridge we saw a mama and her little fawn who still had it's spots. He most have gotten separated from her as he was further down the road and was running full speed towards her. He looked really scared. And on our way back down the mountain we saw them again except this time he was right behind his mama. I think he learned his lesson.
I hope you all are enjoying you summer days too. 
Have a great weekend whatever you do!
PS I am linking the first photo to Our Beautiful World. 
This week you are to post a photo that shows what summer is like where you live. This is only the second week so please go on over and check out their blog.


  1. Love the photos Teresa!! Hurricane Ridge was my favorite spot on the Olympic Peninsula and I used to spend a lot of time up there, especially in the winter! Glad you had such a great visit there!

  2. What a gorgeous place, Teresa!

  3. OH wow, it is beautiful up there (where you are, I am here in Las Vegas), actually, the first picture reminds me of Austria, and then Maroon Bell in Aspen Colorado. I love the green and wild flowers too, not to mention the deer, it is just wondrful share, thanks for linking up at Our Beautiful World!

  4. AMAZING!!!! What a breathtaking view!!! and those flowers are all so, so beautiful, Thank you so much for sharing your hike with us at OBW!!!

  5. WOWW, do you hear me sing "... the hills are alive with the sound of music..."? :). What a lovely adventure!!. I feel so refreshed looking at all the nature. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us! :).

  6. Beautiful pictures! Love the wee fawn scurrying back to his mama! Perfect sun shiny kind of day for hiking! You are so fortunate to have this majestic playground right in your back yard :)

    The picture with view of your Canadian neighbors - Trail, B.C? Do you live close to the British Columbia border? If so, we might have to plan a visit next time I visit my cousins in White Rock!

  7. Oh my goodness, it's so beautiful there... Love love mountains... Beautiful photos Teresa! Thank you for sharing with us :) Hugs, Wendy

  8. Amazing views. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow, those mountains are absolutely beautiful :)


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