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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Details.. what it's all about over at Our Beautiful World. 
 I have a few photos from my flower gardens that I thought of when I read what Week 4 was about and have really been meaning to post them just never got around to it until now.
So here you go and I hope you enjoy!
(Click on each photo for a larger view)
These are my lovely lilies.
  I have several different kinds and colors.
 But I want more!
  I see so many pretty ones around our area when I take the dog for his walks each evening.

 Sadly my happy daisy's are finished blooming too.

 These are my phlox's which I have had for only two years. They are really doing well now and multiplying which makes me happy.
 These are my Star Gazer lilies that were given to my several years ago by a dear friend. I even moved them from our old house to this one.
 These are right by our front door and they fill our whole front yard with their amazing sweet scent.
This bud is fat and getting ready to soon burst forth and release it's beauty and sweet scent.
I love how the light pink lilies have dark spots closer to the center. So pretty!
These last few photos are my hydrangea in the different stages of blooming.
 This bush is right by my Star Gazer Lilies.
 Almost there.
 In full bloom!

 For those who are visiting from Our Beautiful World my camera is a Panasonic point and shoot
with a Lumix lens. Nothing fancy but I love it because it takes great macro photos and is so easy to use.

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  1. Oh what beautiful details from your garden, thanks for sharing those beauties with us, you must be a good gardener!
    I love my point and shoot till these days, that was what I had before my husband bought me the heavier canon! (I can't even tell what is my camera off hand, gotta check)
    Once again, thanks for linking up at Our Beautiful World!

  2. Oh so lovely .. I love looking at close shots of flowers and I adore lilies ... Thanks so much for sharing these with us at Our Beautiful World

  3. What beautiful photos, Teresa! Thanks for inviting us into your garden.

  4. Hi Teresa! Happy to see you joining us again at OBW :)
    And with gorgeous flowers too, wow, these are beauties! Such beautiful colours and details. Love your close-up photos of them. Thank you for sharing them with us so we can enjoy the beauty of your garden too. Hugs, Wendy

  5. Oh wow, waht a fantastic post I just love lilies, probably beacue I can't grow them here in the carribbean LOL!!! Well and the fact that my husband gives me pink tiger lillies every mother's day and I just could get drunk in their glorious scent! love that you can have them in your gardens! and thanks fors sharing them with us at our beautiful world!

  6. What a gorgeous garden you have there!!. Lovely lilies, so many varieties and I love daisy, my favorite flower :). You did a great job with your point & shoot camera, I missed my old one :). Thank you so much for sharing these beauties with us at Our Beautiful World!

  7. Wow...what amazingly beautiful flowers you are blessed with. Our yard is 99% shade, so the colorful flowers are all but non-existent in my yard, much to my dismay. I guess I'll just have to enjoy the beauty of YOUR flowers. Thanks for sharing this bit of summer color!

  8. What amazing flower shots you've taken - I think I like the hydrangeas most... but that might well be because I like the plants so much in general!

  9. These are gorgeous! You must have a beautiful garden!

  10. Hi Teresa! Those are lovely flowers. We have lillies in our garden too. Daisies are cute, aren't they?

  11. Oh Teresa so beautiful the flowers are, because of weeks with hot weather everything is so dry and we need some rain, thanks for sweet comment


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