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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year

Today I went with Amber to her court hearing for the speeding ticket she got the end of Nov. The judge was nice and unfortunately because it was in a school zone she could not reduce it or do community service. The only other option was to have it deferred. Meaning that she would not have to pay the $340.00 fine as long as she paid $210.00 and does not receive another ticket (the only exception would be a parking ticket) for a year. If she does get another ticket within the year she will then have to pay the new ticket along with the $340.00. Also with it deferred the ticket will not go on her record unless she gets another ticket within a year. Talk about an incentative to not speed. Afterwards since we were in Old Town Poulsbo we decided to check out the wonderful bakery and found the Poulsbo Book Stop. It sells used books. Amber was in heaven to find out that the prices are two to three times less then Barnes and Nobles prices. Of course I wanted to stop in at the Rubber Soul which is a wonderful small shop filled with lots of rubber stamps and other yummy and inspirational stamping supplies. It really gets my creative juices flowing.

Since it was a dry day I took Nanook for our 2 mile walk later in the afternoon. He loves the colder weather and has the energy of a puppy. Speaking of puppies, Amber's boyfriend, Randy brought one of his puppies over to play with Nanook. His name is Demon. He is mostly black except for the tip of his tail which is white and his feet and lower legs are cream mixed with black. His eyes are ice blue and stand out against his black fur. Sooo cute.

In the evening after starting a fire in the wood stove to take off the chill I sent out Amber's birthday invites. I made them on smilebox. It is a pretty cool site where you can make all kinds of cards and scrapbook pages using your photos. The basic version is free but there is advertisments with it. Or you can upgrade it for $3.99 and its you can print it as many times as you want, share it on email or facebook to as many people as you would like. It comes with music or you can provide your own. It's pretty cool to use, was quick and even cheaper then purchasing invites.