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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunset Along the Colorado River

The Colorado River runs right by the Travel Camp just across the road from we are staying at so we decided to take our dog, Nanook there for a walk. We love to walk in the evening right before sunset for two reasons. One it is cooler and two the sunsets are usually spectacular.
 It is so pretty with the sun setting behind the mountains...
 ...and the river in the foreground.
I could have taken so many more photos but decided to hold back on the photos and just soak in all the beauty of  the desert.


  1. So beautiful and so different from what we have here in Michigan right now, but we did have a white Christmas.

  2. I'm so enjoying this holiday that you are taking us on! Beautiful, beautiful photos! Not sure whereabouts in Colorado you are, but we drove to Steamboat Springs quite a few years ago and rafted down the Colorado River! Had a blast!

    As always, can hardly wait to see more pics of our next stop!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day and saying a sweet hello :)


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