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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Imperial Dam

I am trying to get caught up on my postings now that I have a computer to use.
We took a drive to Imperial Dam which is not far from the Travel Camp we are staying at. There is also a state park there and we were able  to let Nanook off the leash and run around and explore the park since  no one was around.
 The dam is on the Colorado River and it is really pretty scenery in this area especially when the sun is going down.
 The cloud formations and colors were beautiful.
 The river is pretty wide here at the dam.

 This was taken from the park.
 The water from the dam goes into different channels and directed into canals. The water from the canals are what the farmers use to water their crops here in the desert.
 You can kind of get an idea how wide the river is in this photo.
 Another beautiful gorgeous sunset to end the day.

 Nanook wanted to get in the water to swim after the ducks.
 In this photo you can see the water going into a canel.
We weren't sure if the tracks in the clouds were made from airplanes or not because they are so much wider than what they usually are.

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  1. Hello stranger! Finally back to 'almost normal' in our household with a bit of time to blogstalk all my favorite friends!

    Totally and completely enjoyed your pics! Love Amber's Christmas tree! Your travels sound so exciting, enjoyable, and so relaxing! Looks like you have settled perfectly into the retired life :)

    Sweet pics of Nanook in the snow! Our son brought his husky to the house over the holidays. I think I will be vacuuming up white fur for weeks and weeks! He is huge, but doesn't realize it. Sweet as pie and gentle as a kitten. Crazy thing to say, but he (Ruuk) seriously 'smiles' all the time! Our cats don't think he is so great though!

    Wishing you a very happy new year and safe travels!

    :) Geri


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