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Friday, February 8, 2013

White Sands National Monument

Hello! I'm back finally! Had computer problems with the Internet but they are now solved and now it's time to play catch up.
I am going to start with our most recent trip. We spent five days visiting three states, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.
I am starting with the fourth day:
 We stopped at the White Sand dunes in New Mexico. They had a beautiful visitor center there.
We only made one stop along the dunes and that was at the first stop since we had a long drive ahead of us that day. 
 The sand is the softest I have ever felt. We had so much fun climbing the dunes and just walking in the sand that was so cool and soft to our feet. We felt like kids again running through the sand.
 This is one of the patterns in the sand...
...and here is another pattern made by the wind.
 If we had driven further down along the dunes we would have came across much higher ones but we didn't have the time and these were big enough to climb.
 Enjoying the beautiful day and scenery.
 We learned at the visitors center that there is enough sand to fill train boxcars that would  reach around the entire world. Now that is a lot of sand!
 The white sand was so pretty against the backdrop of mountains a blue skies.
 Here is another pattern made in the sand by the wind.
 I think this is an Aspen tree growing in the sand.

 There are lots of different kinds of vegetation growing on some of the dunes and some are barren.
 Even though the White Sand dunes are just sand it is worth a stop for a quick romp in it and learn a little bit about the wildlife and how they have adapted to life in the dunes.

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  1. Hey Teresa! Welcome home! Thanks for the sweet congrats!

    Awesome pics! The sand pictures look like Manitoba right now...except our is snow! And lots of it!

    Off to see the rest of the pics! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable holiday. I really had a great time. Love the scenery :)


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