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Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy December

Gosh, I can't believe it is Dec already! The year has flown by so quickly. I hope everyone is enjoying all of their Christmas traditions and or enjoying making new ones. 
I am so excited that we made our Christmas cards, newsletter and had them all mailed by the end of Nov!! I hope that is a new tradition for us. Before I always tried hard to get at least all the out of state ones mailed by my birthday (the 17th). So now you know why I'm so excited to be ahead of the game this year. We are so much more relaxed and can enjoy all the holiday festivities.

My husband has planned a trip to Vegas for my birthday so I am looking forward to seeing the hotels  decorated in all of their Christmas splendor. Last year we were there for Thanksgiving and it was so gorgeous then. And of course we will be taking in a show as well.

I am sad to say that it looks like I will not be able to post pictures on my blog for awhile :(. I know how fun is that!  So anyway our Internet is not working at all and all the help or hints tell you to go somewhere on the Internet to find the problem but how is that going to help when you can't access the Internet! So Frustrating!

Wishing all of my readers many wonderful holiday memories during this Christmas season!


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  1. Happy upcoming Birthday! Vegas during the holiday season is bound to be specatacular. Everything will definitely be done up Vegas style! Our daughter and I were there a few months ago and spent the whole 5 days going into every single hotel on the strip and checking out the decor - plus dropped a few pennies into the machines (didn't win squat!)

    I am definitely going to miss your pictures. You will have to get your daughters to fix things up when they come home for Christmas. That's what I do!!! I trade food for technology fixin'

    Have a great trip and a very happy holiday season. Merry Christmas my cyber friend :)


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