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Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 8 ,9 & 10

Day Eight was a day of travel...from Moab, Utah to Flagstaff, AZ which was our second destination and one that I was anxious to reach as we would be seeing our daughter, Amber.
On the drive to Flag I snapped a few photos along the way. That's what I like to do when I get bored with the drive :
 I have no idea what the "hole in the rock" is. I didn't see any hole.
 Can't remember the name of this arch. It was right along side the highway. Sorry about the glare from the truck's window.
Water in the middle of the desert is always a welcome sight.
 A cool looking rock formation in the middle of nowhere.
 A close up of that cool rock formation.
We finally arrived at our campground in Flagstaff and thoroughly enjoyed our three days there. We had actually planned to stay only two but Amber wanted us to stay an extra day.
She showed us the new gym that they finished last year at NAU. It is very nice (Now we know why tuition went up).
She took us up to Snowbowl. The Aspens were so pretty even without most of their leaves. The first time Amber took us up the mountain there was snow. This time Snowbowl was in its fall finery.
 It was a perfect fall day and we all wished we could have stayed up there all day.
 Wayne, Amber and Nanook on the trail.
 Nanook enjoying some freedom off the leash.
 One happy dirty dog!

 Weather was gorgeous all three days we were in Flag. The first day it was 75 degrees but boy did we get a surprise the first night.  I woke up around 3:00 in the morning. I was warm under the flannel sheets and thinking how glad I was to have them. But I noticed my face felt colder than it had the entire trip so I woke Wayne up  and told him that it felt colder than  usual and maybe he should check the water hose. Of course he grumbled that it wasn't any colder but got up anyway. Sure enough the water hose was frozen solid. He brought it in to the shower to thaw and turned the heater up a bit. As it turned out it got down to 25 degrees that night! A fifty degrees difference from the day.
Oh, the adventures we have camping!


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