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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Therapy Session...

...out in my garden today! Four hours of sunshine and pulling weeds can do wonders for a persons soul. Although I still have many hours of work ahead of me I made a pretty good dent in the biggest of my flower gardens. It also has the most weeds every spring for some reason. There are also lots of pine cones, needles and small branches that have to be raked up before I can weed. Did you know that a pine tree sheds 1/3 of its needles? And they all fall in my flower garden or so it seems.
I did find a few signs of spring:
These mini daffodils have bloomed every year we have been here. Don't daffodils just make you smile? 
The purple plant is heather I believe. This poor plant hasn't done very well in the garden and have thought on moving it somewhere else but it looks really good this spring. So maybe I will leave it alone and see how is it does this year.

I am hoping for a couple more days of dry weather so I can at least get the back garden done. In Feb. I did get my hydrangeas trimmed and the flower beds along the front of the house cleaned up and weeded so the front can wait a bit longer.

What are your favorite spring flowers?

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