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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colorful Little Guy

It turned out to be another sunny day today! Unbelievable that we have had two days of sun. Of course we have had rain but not during the day.
I spent almost the whole day out in the garden and it is really starting to look nice. As I was cleaning up leaves and pulling weeds I found this guy:

I ran into the house to grab my camera hoping he would still be there when I got back. I snapped all the pictures I wanted and he just sat there the entire time. I filled my bucket and he was still sitting in the same spot. I went and emptied my bucket and when I came back he was gone. I looked and looked but I couldn't find him anywhere.
In the 12 years that I have lived here I have never ran across one of these before.
Does anyone know what he is? I'll see if I can find him in one of my books.

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  1. Looks like a green tree frog to me. We have them here but ours are grey and they blend in with the tree trunks. A master of disguise!


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