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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello, I'm Back

 Sorry things have been pretty quite on my blog but we went camping again for Labor Day weekend.
It was the most perfect weather we have ever had at Pacific Beach. It was absolutely perfect. Needless to say we had a fabulous time. We were with a bunch of friends so at night after dinner we would sit around the campfire or play board games.
This was the sunset on our first night there. Almost missed it but we ran all the way down the road to the beach and was able to catch and enjoy the last rays of the day.
The three of us on the beach.
On Saturday there was a Tug of War between the towns of Moclips and Pacific Beach on the beach. They take this seriously! Pacific Beach won again.
Labor Day Parade on Sunday. The floats are all pretty funny and it's fun catching the beads and candy they throw out.

Not sure what this was suppose to be but it looked interesting.

There were a bunch of these jeeps that all belong to the Offroad Outhouse. Note the stack of toilet paper.

A bunch of rowdy pirates which I think this float is in the parade every year.

They claim to be the real housewives!
The town filled with people during the parade otherwise it is pretty desolate.
After the parade we headed down to the beach to enjoy the rest of the day there. It was a great day for flying kites. (Click on this picture to see it better)
It was warm enough that the kids and dogs enjoyed being in the water. I have never seen Nanook so wet after swimming. His whole head was soaked.

It was the best day ever on the beach...

...and another beautiful sunset to end our last night there.

I'll probably still be missing a bit from my blog as we are company on and off the month of Sept and first of Oct.
Happy Fall to all!


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  1. Ahhhhh, Pacific Beach again, I'm so jealous! Glad you had a great time, and love the pics, thanks for sharing!


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