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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camping Trip At Pacific Beach

We spent four days at Pacific Beach with the whole family and some friends last weekend. We actually had fabulous weather. It was dry until the day we left. Here are just a "few" pics from the trip:
Playing horseshoes

 Sunset on the beach
 Relaxing in the trailer
 The best dinner of the trip
The dogs hanging out in the trailer
 At Ocean Shores flying kites and enjoying the beach.
 Flying High
 Our friends Christeen and Dennis
 Getting the kites ready to fly from the truck.
 Travis on  moped
 The kids riding mopeds on the beach.
 Gotta luv the pink moped!
 Ready to ride!
 Sun getting ready to set.
 Flying kites on Pacific Beach.
Looking forward to our next camping trip with the family!

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  1. Fantastic pics! My family used to go to Pacific Beach all the time, we love it there. My dad and step mom used to come out from CO and visit us and we'd all spend a few days at Pacific Beach together. Since my dad passed thats one of the things I miss most, going there with him.

    So glad you and your family had a great time, and thanks for sharing the photos!!


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