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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Coconut Blueberry Chia Muffins

About two weeks ago my daughter, Amber and I were in Costco and she spied a bag of coconut flour and saw that it had a recipe for blueberry muffins on the back of the bag. After we looked over the ingredients I said I had everything to make them so we threw the bag of coconut flour into the cart and off  we went excited to get home and make a batch of these healthy for you muffins.
These yummy muffins are gluten and dairy free as well. 

I was short an egg but we were in too much of a hurry to run to the store just for one egg and decided to go with just five and they turned out great. 

The reason for so many eggs is that coconut flour is very thirsty so you need to add more moisture to whatever you are making or it could turn out dry and not hold together well.
 I used my Demarle silicon muffin pan so there were no problems with sticking and...
... they turned out great. Very moist and yummy! They also had a very light coconut flavor.
Everything I used in the recipe was all organic making them even more healthy for us (except the baking soda). No sugar, just honey was used as a sweetener. So we ate them pretty much guilt free! LOL.
 Here is the ingredients on the back of the coconut flour bag and...
...the directions on how to make and bake them.

Wanting another way to use the coconut flour I searched Pinterest and found a recipe for blueberry coconut pancakes. They also turned out great.

Just a note to self: Don't put the fresh blueberries into the batter or in the cakes as they cook. It makes the pancakes too heavy and hard to flip without falling apart. It would be best to sprinkle the blueberries over the pancakes after you cook them up. Delicious either way!

I also had about a cup of Coconut milk left over from making the muffins so one morning I was making a fruit smoothie for breakfast and decided to use coconut milk instead of regular milk. I used 1/3 cup of coconut milk and it turned out delicious by giving the smoothie just a slight coconut flavor. I made another on the next morning and only used a quarter cup of the coconut milk and I couldn't taste any coconut flavor in it at all.

You just don't want to use a lot of coconut milk as it is pretty high in calories. One third cup has 140 calories, but at least they are healthier calories.

I also noticed that when I made my smoothie with the coconut milk it kept me full longer. Usually smoothies don't keep me full very long and I need a snack before my next meal but I think the fat in the coconut milk is what kept me full until lunch time.

Let me know if you try the muffin recipe or if you have other recipes using coconut flour or milk to share. It is so fun to share and learn new things from one another!

Have a great day!


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