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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Simple Camp Meal

Sometimes simple things are more than extravagant things. When "camping,"(and I use the word camping loosely because when you have the comforts of home you really can't call it camping any more) we seem to eat better than when we are at home. That is probably because we are not so busy with things and are more relaxed. 
On this particular evening we simply had a salad and steak from the grill paired with a red wine that we had picked up from one of our wine tasting tours this summer and fall. 
I had my salad with my new favorite salad dressing, a Strawberry Balsamic Glaze that we picked up at the Queen Creek Olive Mill in Queen Creek, AZ last winter. If you are ever in the area and like to use olive oil in your cooking I recommend that you stop by and check them out. They also have a restaurant there and delicious cupcakes made with their flavored olive oils. We tried their strawberry, lemon and orange cupcakes and all three were moist and delicious!
They also have samples of many of the oils so you can taste before you decide which ones you would like to try. They also make great gifts.

So what are some of your favorite meals when you are camping or at home?


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