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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Great Basin National Park Part 2

Now for the rest of the story.
 We stopped on the drive up the mountain to take pictures of the grand view of the valley below us. You can see for hundreds of miles from up there.

 Winter comes early to the Grreat Basin and the leaves had already fallen from the aspen trees but they still made the drive up very beautiful with their bare white trunks.

 We came to the end of the road after 12 miles. We then hiked the mile or so to Stella Lake. Saw a lot more aspen trees and great views of the mountains around us.
 We were just about the only ones on the hike only saw one other lone hiker. It is such a serene feeling to be alone in the vastness of nature.
 We climbed 400 feet up to the lake. So glad there was great scenery to stop and take pictures of so I could rest a few seconds.
 It was getting close to sunset so we needed to walk at a quick pace to get to the lake and back before dark.
This selfy is proof that we were really there. Ha ha.
Almost at the lake. You can also go to Wheeler Peak but we would have to do it another time.
 First view of the lake from the trail.
Stunning Stella Lake.

 The water was very clear and cold. The air was pretty chilly too at 43 degrees. Another reason to walk briskly.

 A picture of the aspen lined trail on our way back down.
For wildlife we saw a small herd of elk grazing on the drive up and a rabbit zigzagged it's way across the road in front of us. As you can see from the sign we were pretty high up. I think the last elevation sign we saw said 10,900 and then we climbed another 400 feet on the hike so we were over 11,000 feet. That kind of elevation makes for some chilly air.
This is the only National Park that we have been to that was free to get into. Great Basin NP is well worth the stop especially if you like to hike and of course don't forget to visit the Lehman Caves.
Let me know if you have heard of this park or have been there.

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