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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello! We are back from our camping trip and I am trying to get caught up with the yard, house and getting our trailer cleaned up and ready for our next camping adventure! Almost there. Everything that needed to be washed is freshly laundered and put back in. The trailer is washed on the outside so all that is left to be done is for me to clean the inside. I have been putting that off but today is the day. 

I missed the prompt word last week over at Our Beautiful World  :( but I enjoyed every one's photos. Please stop by Our Beautiful World to see all the wonderful photos from around the world. There are some really amazing photos and you just might learn a bit more about another country.

This week the word is Wonder and I thought of the beautiful  rainbow that we saw on our first day of camping.
It was actually a double rainbow! You can just faintly make it our to the right of the inside rainbow. (Maybe if you click on the photo above you will be able to see it better.)
 We were camping in Eastern Washington were it is hot a dry but the campground is along the Wenatchee  River so we stay cool during the hottest part of the day by playing in the river. This is the first time we have experienced rain here. 

I will post  more about our trip later but right now I need to go and get that trailer cleaned!
I'll be back soon.



  1. Sure is the Wonder of Nature, beautiful shot of the rainbow!
    Thanks for your kind words for Our Beautiful World, we are just so glad that you shared with us the beauty from your part of the world!

  2. So beautiful. We seem to be having rainbows all over the country this summer! The one you've captured looks so pretty over the brown of the mountains.

  3. First a big thank you for regularly joining us in our new adventure at OBW and inviting others too! That's so sweet of you. Such beautiful shots again this week from you, love the double rainbow. Good luck with the clean up :) Hugs, Wendy

  4. Wonderful pictures!! the evasive rainbow...I have had trouble capturing them with my camera...yours are just lovely!

  5. I LOVE rainbows, and seeing them is one of those magical, enchanting moments and extra special if you're lucky to see them in full like your beautiful shots :). And double too!. Thanks for sharing it with us at OBW this week!. Hugs.

  6. rainbows are such a WONDERful natural phenomenon and you have captured this one beautifully~!


  7. That truly is a wonder! Rainbows never cease to fascinate no matter how old we get ... Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Our Beautiful World!

  8. there is always something magical about a rainbow that make us stop and watch every single time. What a magnificent shot!!!

  9. ...ditto to everyone's comments above...there is something truly remarkeable about rainbows and their ability to instill a feeling of renewal :)

  10. I love seeing rainbows, they are amazing. Too bad they don't last long, you have to be lucky to see one and to take the picture before they are gone. We just saw a double one about a month ago, so awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I always stop whatever I am doing when I see a rainbow - I find them fascinating! Beautiful shots!


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