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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Way To Organize My Dies By ArtBin

I was in JoAnn's a few days ago and they had a great sale on what is called an Artbin container that has magnetic sheets to store your dies on. I had seen this before and thought it would be great to have but the price of the magnetic sheets and container stopped me. But with 50% off I couldn't pass up the offer.
This is how I stored my Spellbinder dies before:
 I just added a magnet strip to the packaging and stored them in a drawer in my desk. It was handy but some times the dies would fall off while digging around in the drawer. Otherwise they stayed on pretty well.
Now here they are stored on the magnetic sheet:
These sheets are really strong and hold the dies securely even when you turn them upside down and shake it hard.
The box comes with three magnetic sheets. I'm not sure how many sheets with dies it will hold but so far I need three more sets of three.
 Here is the box with two sets of magnet sheets full of dies. You can see there is till a lot of room in the box.
I'm really liking this way of storage for my dies so I need to hurry back to JoAnn's to get a few more sets of the magnet sheet while they are still on sale.
I am desperately trying to reorganize my craft room. It is a daunting task but much needed.
Have a wonderful crafty week!


  1. Hey stranger! Welcome back! A bit of a bummer to come home to a chilly house and no hot water! Yikes! Good thing for the wood stove. We just got rid of ours two years ago and although I miss the toasty warm heat that nothing mechanical can compare to, I reallly don't miss the smoke that filled the house when the dang thing back drafted!

    Great pics of your trailer. It definitely looks like it would be more than comfortable to spend time in scooting from one place to another! We did tons of camping when we were younger, sold our trailer and now miss it so much that we bought a wee little Bowler camper and plan to camp a bit this summer. However, I'm not quite sure if I will be as happy now as I was years ago going camping in something the size of an egg! Time will tell :)

    Looking forward to more of your beuatiful photos!

    :) Geri

  2. Hi Teresa. Clever way to organize things.

    I just awarded you the Liebster Award. Just visit my blog to find out all about it.


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