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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Beautiful Spring Day

The sun came out today and warmed the earth at least here and I hope it shone down on you too.
So instead of wanting to curl up by the fire I felt like being outside and getting stuff done. Walked the dog twice today and enjoyed the sweet smells of spring flowers.
I also finished getting the last few things out of the trailer and then cleaned it from front to back so it is now neat and clean again. I wish I could clean our house as quick as the trailer. Now that would be so nice!
It was amazing how much stuff (meaning mostly papers from our travels and accumulation of mail) during the last five months of traveling and living in it.
I thought I would share some photos of the inside our little "vacation home"
 This is looking from the bedroom to the kitchen and living area. We love the chairs in the back with the big window. Those chairs really make it feel homey and comfortable.
 This view is from the front door. The sofa and table are on the slide out.
 This view is from where the chairs are looking to the back where the bedroom is. I brought  some of my cardmaking supplies with me but I only pulled it out a couple of times. I only had the table space to work on and I used the little bit of counter space by the kitchen sink for my Cuttlebug. I just wasn't inspired to create in such a small space.
 This is the bathroom and...
 ...shower. The bathroom is tiny but I don't mind that since it has everything you need.
 This is the bedroom. After living in the trailer for a long period of time we now know a bigger bedroom  would be nice. It would be great to have a slide out in the bedroom so we could actually have a closet and a place for our shoes.
 I also need more counter space in the kitchen. Having an island would be a great way to fix that.
 I got pretty good using the oven. It is so easy to clean with it being so small.
 Here is the living area after the slide out is put in. It makes a huge difference in the amount of living space.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of our little home on wheels.
My husband just told me that the rain is coming tomorrow so I think it will be a good day to go grocery shopping and run a few errands.

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  1. Nice compact living space. I can't imagine being able to be creative in such a small space.

    Thanks for your words of support on our pending move. It helps to know I'm not alone in this process.


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