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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home?

We left the warm sunny south and made our way north to home. The closer we got to home the more anxious I was to get there.
As soon as we flung open the front door the house we were greeted with cold air. Forty six degrees to be exact. We turned the thermostat up and heard the furnace kick on then got to unpacking the truck and trailer straight away. After about on hour or so it still felt cold in the house so I turned up the heat some more and went to the nearest register to feel if the air was warm. Nope, the furnace was just putting out cold air. Now this was after we had spent $500.00 putting in a new motor this winter. So this was a shock since we thought all was well with the furnace.
And that wasn't all that was wrong. After Wayne filled up our hot water heater with water and lit the pilot light the water did not get hot. By then I felt like jumping right back in the trailer and heading back south. After a day without hot water we did get it going the next day. There was a switch that Wayne couldn't find but after he found it and turned the switch on we had hot water.
Now the furnace is taking a bit more time. Of course they don't work on Sat. so we had to wait until Monday for anyone to come out and take a look at it. So after an hour or so they thought it was another part it needed so he went back to the shop and was gone for hours. I guess they were having a hard time finding the right part (our furnace is over 25 yrs old). Finally they thought they had found a part that would work but after spending several more hours they decided it wouldn't work. Now our furnace was torn apart and it would be another night without heat.
I am soooo thankful for our wood stove! It can keep our house pretty toasty and thankfully it's not the dead of winter.
Well the owner of the heating company came out himself today to take a look at our furnace and decided it would be best just to get a new one. Oh and the last bit of bad news is that they can't put it in until next Tuesday. Ugh!
Well enough ranting about our bad luck. I'm just thankful we at least have hot water so I can wash all of the towels, bedding and rugs from the trailer and have a hot shower.
 This is just about all of the laundry all washed and dried. I still have a rug in the dryer and the liner from the dogs bed is in the washer, then I can put it all back in the trailer and it will be ready for our next camping adventure in Aug.
This is our wonderful wood stove that is keeping us so cozy and warm right now. Really it was the only thing I missed this winter while down south. I just love to cozy up to the stove with a book and hot beverage of choice during the long winter evenings.
As soon as I am done cleaning the trailer (which, I had planned to do today but the weather is cloudy and cold so I decided to putter around the the house and finish the laundry instead) I plan on posting a few of the photos from our trip home. The trailer will have to wait one more day.
Hope everyone is having a great week!


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