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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 2 of Road Trip

Another day of driving. Only stops are pretty much for gas during which time I take the dog for a potty break while Wayne is putting gas in the truck then we hit the road again.
Tonight's stop is at Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon. This time we had plenty of daylight to set up the trailer and check out the park before dark.
Farewell Bend State Park is along the Oregon/Idaho border.

This is the Snake River that divides the borders of Oregon/Idaho.

It was a beautiful sunset.

Nanook enjoyed the park too! He loves all the new smells of each place we stop at and a chance to stretch his legs after being in the truck for six to eight hours.

I love the reflection of the mountains in the water. Tomorrow will be another full day of driving.

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  1. Great pics of you and your husband, I've enjoyed being able to see you!


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