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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Masked Visitors

 Our dog was going crazy running up and down the fence and barking. We could tell something was in the Greenbelt behind our backyard. Our daughter spotted the intruders scurrying up this tall pine tree.

 They were keeping an eye out for our dog who was all excited about actually being able to see them. Usually the raccoons are in our next door neighbors backyard right next to the wood fence that separates our yards and it drives our dog crazy because he knows they are there but can't get to them.
 It was a momma and her two babies. After a while they decided it was safe to go back down.
It's always a joy to watch wild animals in there habitat. Although two did venture into our backyard several months ago. Our dog had it cornered between our shed and fence. It was too small of space for our dog to get at the coon so Nanook would run to one side of the shed and the raccoon would run to the other side. There was a second raccoon watching the whole thing from on top of the fence. Lucky for Nanook our daughter had just come home and heard the commotion and put the dog inside until the raccoons left. I hope they learned their lesson and don't come back. They are cute but deadly for dogs to tangle with.

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