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Friday, August 17, 2012

Lincoln Rock State Park

Things have been pretty quite on my blog for the last two weeks. I was MIA due to our camping trip at Lincoln Rock State Park in Eastern WA.
Had a great time and enjoyed the hot weather there and now we are having hot weather here at home.
We were camping with a large group of friends (as many as 30 on some nights) we had dinner together every night. Each family cooked twice and with another family. We always say we eat better when we camp. We even had deep fat fried turkey! Yummy!
Wayne and I would kayak, bike ride, go on moonlight boat rides at night watching the sky for shooting stars since it was during the time of the Perseid Meteror Shower. I have never seen so many shooting stars at one time. 
Other times we just sat and enjoyed our friends and relaxed. We took Nanook (our dog) swimming every day. Sometimes twice. He loves to swim and it keeps him cool when the temperature is soaring. We even put Nanook in the kayak with us but I think he would rather be in the water swimming.
Here are some photos of our camping adventures:
This was our campsite. It was nice having lots of shade.
The lights hanging from the canopy are Wayne's prized car racing lights. I would rather have some pretty colored flowers or lanterns but that didn't go over too well at all :)
This is what vacation is all about.. RELAXING!
The view of the Columbia River from our site.
One of the many orchards. One of the orchards is so high up the mountain all you can see is the very tips of the trees. We enjoyed fresh peaches and other produce while there and brought home a case of peaches to make some pies.
While on camping we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary and Wayne's 50th birthday. I decorated our trailer and the area where we eat dinner every night with the group we were camping with while he was out with a friend on their boat.
Dinner time with everyone.
Jay and Wayne hard at work cooking up steak and chicken on the grills.
Gotta love having Costco close by!
Some fun "Over the hill glasses" I found for Wayne to wear.
The cake before it was a blaze.
It took three of us to light all 50 candle. Oh yes, I put all 50 black candles on the cake plus three tall candles with the number fifty.
 Still lighting candles.
 Just about done.
Finally the candles were all glowing.
 Oops! One of the tall candles couldn't take the heat and had to come off.
 Quick sing happy birthday before the cake sets fire!
 I always knew Wayne was full of hot air. He blew them all out in one breath.
This last photo is of the Lodge where we went horseback riding up in the mountains near Leavenworth. I am still sore from using muscles that don't get used any more. It was a beautiful place to go riding and we had a wonderful guide. If you ever want to ride horses I would recommend Mountain Spring Lodge.

Already looking forward to next years camping trip!

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