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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back Home Again

It has been a busy two weeks for us with our oldest gradutating from college and two camping trips. Now it is back to catching up around the house and doing all the laundry that accumulated from camping.
Here are some pics from our camping:
This was at Ike Kinswa State Park. The lake is Mayfield.
It is a beautiful lake and we saw lots of deer.
 I thought these trees looked pretty with the moss hanging from the branches.
 A close up of the moss.
 Nanook exploring the water. He is so much like a kid when it comes to the water. So hard to keep him out of it.
Nanook exploring around the lake!
This is the way he waits for us to throw the stick into the water. Unfortunately he drops the stick about two feet from us in the water. Just out of our reach most of the time unless we want to get our feet wet.
We took a drive to Mossy Rock and visited the Mossy Rock Dam.
To get to the view point of the dam we had to drive down a small country road. Along the drive we came across five big birds all in a row down the middle of  the road. We got a photo of one and decided they were some kind of vulture.

Here are the pics from last weekend at American Lake:

The campsites were small but we had everything we needed.
We even had a small view of the lake.
There was a one lonely rose bush to brighten our site.
It was nice to have a little color since it was cloudy and wet the first day.
We did have some sun and a wonderful barbeque with three other couples.
One tired old dog at the end of a day of camping.
I will be back soon to share a card I made last week. Yes, I did manage to squeeze in a quick card.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


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