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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello again! I hope everyone had a wonderful long Memorial weekend here in the states.

We had a wonderful time camping with a group of friends in Dosewallips State Park. I just love the name Dosewallips, so fun to say. It is like being in a rain forest with lots of moss covered trees and the Dosewallip River runs right by the park.
We had 3 delicious meals every day.   We don't usually eat three square meals a day so now I am trying to work off all those extra calories. We played board games in the evening or when it was raining. We love to play Sequence and Mexican Train, which is a dominos game. In the evening we had a campfire and made Somemore's.
Saturday, in the nearby small town of Brinnon there was a Shrimp festival so we dropped by there and shopped through the booths, rides and listened to the band that was playing.
Sunday we took a short ride and hike to see the Dpsewallips Falls. There are two falls the upper and lower. We hiked to the lower falls. The upper is a 10 mile hike round trip and we had little ones with us so we stuck with the lower one.

 I saw these delicate white flowers which I think are some kind of berry bush but I thought they were still so pretty.
 The falls are actually higher than what I thought they would be. You have to now scramble over the rocks that have fallen and covered the trail but it wasn't too bad.
 The deeper green water in the very back is a pool which is deep enough to swim in and is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day but not the day we were there. As you can see we are wearing jackets.
 Another view of the waterfall.
Close up of the moss that grows on everything that doesn't move.
Again I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and tell me what you did. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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