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Friday, September 6, 2013

A September Day

On Our Beautiful World they want to see what September is like for you. Go take a peek and you will see what the month of September is like all around the world!
 This is how our backyard looks from the kitchen window on this September day:
It is raining and has been raining off and on for the last few days but has cleared up in the afternoon. We have also been having thunder which is not all the common here. The weather people have promised us that the beautiful summer weather is suppose to return next week. Yeah! I'm not quite ready to give up summer.
Yesterday evening I went out the back door and saw this perfect bloom laying on the porch and thought how pretty it looked. Then I noticed how big my hanging baskets had grown over the long summer days.
 I adore these  fuchsia blooms. This fuchsia survived the winter but it took until August before it bloomed.
Now it is covered in gorgeous blooms. Very much worth the wait!
 Here is the plant that the single bloom on the porch came from.
 This is a purple one just like the red one above.
And here is one of the three hanging baskets on the back porch. It doesn't have as many blooms as it did just a week ago. I think it isn't getting as much sun now that fall is fast approaching. It has grown at least twice as big since I first put it up.

As much as I love summer and all the beautiful summer blooms I do look forward to the beautiful fall colors and the cool crisp mornings. How about you? Are you ready for fall yet?

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Beautiful September blooms :)
    I have had to take down my "summer" flower hanging baskets and empty them ready to refill with autumn plants-quite sad to think the summer is over for another year-but then we have the beautiful Autumn colours to look forward to ;)
    Best wishes,Nessa xx

  2. Thanks for the trip to the beach and a beautiful display of blossoms! Honestly, when I see a post from you in my mailbox, my fingers cannot move fast enough to get connected to your blog!

    What I admire most is your sincere appreciation for everything that surrounds you....right from a rain covered deck to a beautiful ocean sunset complete with Nanook and friend enjoying the water!

    Once again, thanks for sharing your travels with us!

    Where are we going next?

  3. love seeing your beautiful flowering plants~! i can see why you may not want to see summer come to an end.
    i didn't think that i was ready for the fall season to start but i am enjoying the cooler temps and although i love to garden, i'm getting a bit tired out by it all. more time inside means more time stitching.


  4. The rain on the patio looks pretty nice there, that is what we love here in Vegas, and I love your September bloom too, pretty colors, thanks for sharing the beauties around you with us at Our Beautiful World!

  5. Oh I would love this deck outside my window ... So gorgeous!! And what super shots of your flowers ... they are beautiful!! I'm really loving seeing everyone's world ... Thanks so very much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World ... keep them coming!

  6. love those blooms! absolutely beautiful photos.. thks for participating at OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD!!! hugs, bonitarose

  7. What a gorgeous display of blooms!!! love the fuchsia!!!! thanks so mcuh for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  8. Your garden is soooo pretty. What lovely September photos.
    It much the same as here in Tasmania... sun/rain.. for our spring at the moment. We cant wait for more sun!

  9. You have a gorgeous garden!. How nice, sipping tea, sitting outside and just enjoy these blooms!. Love the fuschia most :). We've been having rainstorms here too, with thunder and all every time :). Thank you for sharing with us @ OBW!!


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