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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Second Home

We spent our first weekend in our new second home.
This is our view during the day.

And we had this lovely sunset in the evening.

Two days later we woke up to a totally different scenery.

It was so beautiful and peaceful with the blanket of snow covering everything.

Oh and by the way this is our new home! It has wheels so we can move it to wherever we feel like going to. This weekend it was Pacific Beach. We really didn't know it was going to snow so that was a nice surprise. We went with another couple who also had a new rig and this was our "Maiden Voyage" to try them out for a short trip not too far from home and work out any kinks before taking a longer trip.

It was also our first time taking our dog along but he did fine and he even got along great with our friends dog. We enjoyed walks along the beach during the day and in the evenings after dinner we would play games or watch movies. Jennie even taught me how to crochet.

We stayed nice and cozy inside the trailer and Nanook was so happy to be inside with us as he is an outside dog at home. He did well and learned his place was in his bed. The first night we heard his nails clicking on the floor as he made his way to our bedroom. We would tell him to go lay down and then we would hear his nails clicking all the way back to his bed. Then about an hour later he would make his way back and we would tell him to go lay down and he did. The last time he came back to the bedroom he started to whine so we figured he had to go potty. It wasn't fun getting up in the wee hours of the morning to take him to do his job but after that he slept the rest of the night. The next night he only came back once. By the third day he had the routine down.

All in all the winter trip went very well and we left before the expected nine inches of snow was to hit the coast. I call that perfect timing.

Here is one last photo of the campground covered in a dusting of snow. There were only a handful of other campers so it was pretty quiet the whole weekend.

We are excited for our next camping trip. In the mean time we have a list of things to bring or do to the trailer before our next great adventure.

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