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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghost Bag Toppers

I was checking my emails this morning before I started getting my daughters Halloween pkg ready to send out. I was going to fill some sandwich bags with some candy and send a couple of others for her friends. I was thinking I would like to decorate the bag with a topper but had no idea what to do.

Well it just so happened as I scrolled down my facebook page that Creative Memories had posted a cute ghost topper. When I saw it I knew that was what I was looking for.

So straight to my craft room I went and rounded up what I needed:
Three sandwich baggies filled with candy, white cardstock, glue, scissors, stapler, paper trimmer and google eyes.

First I measured the width of the bag and decided how far I wanted the topper to cover the front. Then I cut three toppers out of the white cardstock with those measurements and folder each in half.

Here is all three:

Next I stapled each topper to the top of each bag. (don't worry the staples won't show)
Then for the strips of paper I just used scraps of paper and cut them the width of the topper by 1/2". I think each topper took 6 1/2" strips to cover it. And don't worry about the lengths of the strips as long as they are longer then the width of the toppers because you will just cut them all even after they are adhered.
After the strips are cut you then distress the edges with a distress tool or scissors. This part was fun! The more nicks and chunks you take out of the edges the better it looks. I also feel better about buying my distresser over a year ago and only using it a couple of times. It was so worth having it for this project alone.

Now you are ready to start gluing your strips down. I started at the top and worked down. By the last topper I figured out that the more you angled the strips the better it looked so my last topper looks the best. Angle each strip in the opposite direction from the last. Once you have the strips all adhered down trim the ends even.

All that is left is to add the google eyes. I really should have used larger eyes but these were the biggest I had on hand. I thought about running into town and seeing if I could find bigger ones but time was not on my side this morning so I went with what I had.

They didn't turn out quite the way I wanted them too but they will do and are on there way so they will be there in time for Halloween.
 I was thinking it would have been nice to ink the edges of the strips with Pumice distress ink to give a little more depth to the strips but again I didn't have the time. I think they would have looked a lot cuter with larger eyes. The ones I used were 12mm if I remembered right.
Now I am off to finish decorating a pumpkin I started a week or so ago. I also have some more Halloween cards to share in my next post.
Have a wonderful fall day!

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